Our Founders

Our Founders


Moty & Chaya Ben-Shabat

Who are we? Very simply, we are parents who grew tired of an outdated educational system.

We are entrepreneurs at heart, business owners who have traveled the world to conquer near and far. But all the success in the world means nothing if your own children are struggling. We are grateful for everyone who has worked to support our children. This isn’t about trying to make sure your kid has a good teacher. This mission is about shaking up the entire system and helping to usher in a new era in education. We are no longer willing to allow antiquated educational philosophies to fail our children. It’s time to think outside the box. It’s time to live outside the box. No, it’s time to realize that children were never meant to be in a box, to begin with.

Virtually every thought leader on the planet has vocally shared their dismay at the current educational engine of the modern world, along with their ideas on how to change it. Chaya and Mordechai are committed to bringing these voices together, to create a task force that changes the world by birthing a new era of education that prepares and equips our children to thrive as our next generation of leaders.

Check out the video below to hear WHY we started LIFE!